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Department of Media and Art Design

Department of Media and Art Design, is part of Architecture and Art, Beijing Jiaotong University. Which is founded in 2002 , undergraduate has three professional: environmental design , visual communication design , digital media arts; graduate has two directions: design , industrial design works. Art Department always adhere to build the construction of discipline as the first important thing, to build the staff as the core, to build the conditions as the support, to build the system construction as the indemnification. Continuously deepening the reform, Department has made considerable progress in terms of teaching staff, disciplines,teaching and research, personnel training, scientific research, etc.There are 19 full-time teachers, including three professors, 10 associate professors, teachers with doctorates ratio of 58%, the formation of a high academic level, reasonable structure of the teaching staff. Department establish a training joint learning personnel training mechanism with a number of domestic first-class design units. Department establish a stable cooperation relationship with the university in the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In line with the principle of "General Education, Category Teaching, Guided Exploration",Department encourage innovation, to encourage teachers and students to participate in international and domestic activities and all kinds of design contest.


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