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SAAD Held an Experience Sharing Conference of International Cooperation in Universities

Published: 2017-1-4

 Under the trend of contemporary globalization, in order to better cultivate international talents and serve the national strategic requirements of One Belt One Road, School of Architecture and Design of BJTU and Urban Planning and Design Institute of BJTU held an Experience Sharing Conference of International Cooperation in Universities in the School History Museum of BJTU. In the occasion of 120 anniversary of BJTU, Avorn Opatpatanakit, Vice President of the University of Chiang Mai, Mikhail Shubenkov, Vice President of the Moscow Architecture University, Raj Mthta, Deputy provost University of Cincinnati UC, LI Bailian, vice president of  North Carolina State University and XIA Haishan, Dean of School of Architecture and Design, SHE Gaohong, ZHANG Ye, vice-deans of School of Architecture and Design, directors and deputy-directors of the departments and others attended the meeting. This symposium shared the experiences, problems and challenges of how to foster new types of International talents under the theme of national strategy of One Belt One Road and the trends and needs of International cooperation in contemporary universities.

First, Pro.XIA Haishan made and introduction of School of Architecture and Design to the four speaking guests and then the four presidents shared their wonderful experiences. After the sharing of experiences, teachers from departments of architecture, design and planning exchanged views on how to combine International communication with daily teaching, how to promote the integration of international students and native students and how to construct attractive exchanging projects with the presidents.


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