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Architecture and Civil Engineering

Major Description

Regarded as a fundamental construction engineering area, the major of Architecture and Civil Engineering focuses on researching and creating human beings living environment, as well as constructing and improving various construction facilities. Its area relates to regional and urban planning, industrial and civic architecture design, as well as all kinds of civic facilities and survey, design, construction and maintenance of the built environment. This major includes Regional Planning, Urban Planning, Urban Design and Architecture Design.

Research areas

Architectural Design and Theory, Urban Design and Theory, Architecture Technology Sciences.

Training characteristics and objective

This major adopts training programme with a combinations of classes learning and professional practices and double-supervisor-system. One’s 1st supervisor should be taken by teaching members with graduates-supervision quality from the School of Architecture and Design. One’s 2nd supervisor should be taken by off campus professional experts with rich architectural design experience. Therefore, students will be trained to master solid fundamental theory as well as broad professional knowledge, higher level of design practice ability, actual on-site problem-solving ability. They will be are capable of professional tasks, managements works. Graduates will be trained to be professional talents with excellent professional quality.

Employment Areas

Participating architectural design and research in various kinds of architectural design institutions, urban planning and design institutions; devoting on working areas such as management, education, development, consulting in construction policy and management departments, real estate development company, construction departments, supervisor departments.

Major Modules

Architectural Theory and Practices, Urban Design Theory and Practices, Landscape Planning Design Theory and Practices, Construction and Engineering Theory and Practice, Sustainable Architecture Theory and Design, Transportation Architecture Design, Architecture Codes, Urban Conjunctions Design Practices, Urban Landscape Design, Preservation and Regenerations of Historic Architecture, Large-scale Public Architecture Design.

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