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Industrial Design Engineering

Major Description

Industrial Design Engineering is a professional discipline under the categories of Art. It is an art and science, production and life, design art and design disciplines engaged in theoretical research. This professional field includes majors of environmental design, visual communication, digital media art, and industrial design.

Research areas

Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Art, Industrial Design.

Training characteristics and objective

To train the students to master design theory and basic knowledge system as well as design skills, obtain higher creative way of thinking and academic ability, acknowledge fundamental history and current situation of the discipline, obtain independent ability to carry out architectural design and research, become inter-disciplinary design talent with potential abilities for higher level of research´╝îdesign and Social practice.

Employment Areas

In graphic design, advertising, branding information industry, printing industry, all kinds of interior design and landscape design, public art and design, exhibition design, interactive media design, digital video production, animation, design and production, game design and other design fields of enterprises, education and research institutions engaged in the design, research, teaching, construction, management, supervision and other work. Graduates could also choose to carry on Ph.D study as other choices.

Major Modules

Design History of Art Theory, Design Thinking and Methodology, Chromatics, Print Media Design Research, Design Studies of Indoor and Outdoor Environment, Public Art Research, Industrial Design Theory and Methods, Environmental Awareness and Expression, Contemporary Design and Aesthetic Image of Thinking, Visual Arts and Design Research, Design of Modern Western Art, and other courses.

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